Your customers are trusting you and your team with their valued goods from the moment it’s on your truck until the moment it’s on their dock. And they’re holding you responsible for what happens to it.

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If you’re two days late delivering a load of Maine lobster that now smells like a Louisiana swamp in mid-July, that’s gonna cost you. If you spill a load of paint on a parking lot full of cars, hopefully you have cargo coverage for the paint, but the cars are a different story which we’ll get to later.

Cargo Insurance covers the expense of loss or damage to products or merchandise entrusted to your care. If other people pay you to move their stuff from point A to point B, Cargo Insurance is a necessity.

How Much Cargo Insurance Should I Carry?

How much Cargo Insurance you need depends on what you’re hauling. Carrying a truckload of sand and a carrier full of Lamborghinis are pretty much the same job, but your financial exposure is dramatically different. Your coverage needs can vary from day to day and job to job, and many customers will have cargo insurance requirements that you must meet before they’ll give away that precious load of commodities to you.

How Much Can I Save On Premiums?

In addition to the value of the cargo, many other factors will determine your premium: your fleet, your drivers, your loss history, and your agent. Visit our Truck Insurance Quote page to put us to work finding the lowest rate for the best coverage for your trucking operation.

What’s Not Covered?

Coverage will vary from policy to policy, but exclusions can include jewelry, money, explosives, radioactive material, contraband of any kind, and any property owned by you. Without expert assistance, you could end up with significant gaps in your coverage that leave you open to devastating financial loss.