How long does it take to lose $399 when your truck breaks down and miles are not being clocked?

How much does it cost to tow a semi truck and trailer?

Sign up now for commercial roadside assistance for only $399 per year so you don’t get stuck without it.

You can save over $300.00 on commercial truck roadside assistance when you buy now through House Trucking Insurance with annual payment.

What’s covered under commercial truck roadside assistance?

Commercial Roadside Assistance Benefits

  • Tractor & Trailer Towing Together (Up to 50 miles or 2 hours FREE)
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Tire Replacement Assistance
  • Tire Repair Assistance
  • Mobile Mechanic Service
  • Oil, Fluid, and Water Delivery Service
  • Replacement Part(s) Delivery
  • Light Winching/Extricating Assistance
  • Fuel Delivery Service
  • Jump-start Service
  • Pull-start Service
  • Replacement Battery Delivery
  • Lockout/Replacement Key Services
  • Discounted Hotel Stays
  • Engine Overhaul Financing ($500 Coupon)
  • Truck Financing ($500 Coupon)
  • Lease Buyout Financing ($500 Coupon)

How Much Will Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Cost?

Roadside assistance coverage when purchased through House Trucking Insurance is only $399 with annual membership payment. That’s only $1.09 per day.

Or you have the option to pay just $159.99 down and $49.99 per month for 11 months. Monthly payments will cost you over $300 more per year but having commercial roadside assistance is still a sound investment.

Can I Purchase Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance as a Stand-alone Product?

Yes, you never have to buy anything you don’t need at House Trucking Insurance. This roadside assistance program provides independent coverage for those who need it.

House Trucking Insurance also offers commercial roadside assistance coverage with some insurance policies through A+ rated carriers. That means outstanding truck insurance plus roadside coverage. Ask us about it.

Who Needs Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance?

Any trucking operation that doesn’t have roadside assistance or breakdown coverage included in their current commercial insurance policy. Why risk it? You know better than anyone the cost, stress, and danger associated with sitting on the side of the road.

House Trucking Insurance provides a dedicated commercial roadside assistance site to learn more and sign up, or you can simply submit the truck insurance quote form to contact one of our truck insurance agents about how we can help with all of your trucking insurance coverage needs.