You had to purchase your Primary Liability Insurance to get your authority, but odds are you signed up for the minimum $750,000 worth of coverage required by law. Maybe you bought a cool million dollars worth because one of your customers made you. That’s all well and good, right up until the exact moment it’s not.

Excess Liability and Umbrella Insurance protect you from catastrophic losses above and beyond the limits of your primary coverage in case of a low-probability, once-in-a-lifetime, massively expensive event.

What happens if your truck rolls over in downtown Denver and takes out a multi-million dollar building or your driver accidentally t-bones a pro football star and ends their career?

What if lawyers get involved?

There’s an army of lawyers that do nothing all day but sue trucking companies. Their commercials are all over the TV. Ads all over Social Media. Painting you as the bad guy, and bragging about their multi-million dollar judgments:

  • $42 Million when a driver ran a stop sign
  • $80 Million when a driver fell asleep
  • $281 Million when a drive shaft detached and smashed through the window of a trailing vehicle

A million bucks ain’t a million bucks anymore and the state minimum coverage isn’t going to cut it when the stuff really hits the fan.

Who Needs Excess Liability or Umbrella Insurance?

  • Fleet operations
  • Owner-operators with significant assets to protect
  • Or for the simple piece of mind

Excess Liability or Umbrella Insurance can sometimes be required by customers as a condition of their contracts.

How Much Does Excess Liability or Umbrella Insurance Cost?

Excess Liability or Umbrella Insurance can be prohibitively expensive and the market can fluctuate wildly. House Trucking Insurance can help you determine if this type of coverage is necessary for you and your business. Then we can get to work mining our three decades worth of contacts in the insurance industry to find you premiums that work for your situation.

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