It takes a lot of equipment to keep the wheels turning these days. Computers, radio equipment, and mobile phones so everyone can stay in touch 24/7. GPS and video equipment to keep your trucks and your garage safe and secure. And take a look back in the garage. How many thousands do you have invested in tools, parts, and diagnostic equipment?

More than you’d care to lose, without a doubt.

You’re covered as long as it stays under your roof, but the minute you put it on the road, take it to a broken down truck waiting on the side of the highway, ship it to a stranded driver waiting to deliver a load, or simply move it from one location to another, the minute you do that your General Insurance is no longer applicable and you’re open to big losses.

Inland Marine Insurance protects your investment in non-truck machinery, electronics, and equipment while being shipped, hauled, or used away from your normal place of business.

Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance?

  • Owner-operators
  • Lease owner-operators
  • Fleet operators

Why Do I Need Inland Marine Insurance If I Never Ship Anything By Boat?

Don’t be thrown off by the name. Inland Marine Insurance has nothing to do with boats, ocean voyages, or a day at the lake. Inland Marine Insurance began as an offshoot of Ocean Marine Insurance which businesses needed when shipping their equipment and machinery across the oceans, but then when their stuff hit the dock, their coverage ended. Inland Marine Insurance began as coverage for equipment and machinery being transported from the ocean docks… inland. The name just stuck.

In either case, a real live human being from House Trucking Insurance is always just a phone call away ready to go to bat for you, find the coverage you need, and the low premiums you want to pay, or you can click here for a Trucking Insurance Quote.