Whether you’ve got one truck, ten trucks, or a hundred trucks rolling, the investment you have in them is monumental. It’s how you make a living. For some, it’s where you lay your head at night. If there’s an accident, a calamity, a series of unfortunate events, it’s you that’s left holding the bag. Your investment lost. Money down the drain. Physical Damage Insurance protects your investment and keeps you from paying out of your pocket for the entire loss.

Who Needs Physical Damage Insurance?

  • Owner-operators
  • Fleet Operations
  • Leased up owner-operators, trucks or trailers that have a bank loan on their equipment.

What Does Physical Damage Insurance Cover?

Physical Damage Insurance covers your investment in trucks and trailers from loss due to collision, theft, vandalism, earthquakes, hail or wind, fire and damnation. Well, the fire part anyway.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

The amount of coverage needed is determined by the value of your rig. Coverage can include the truck only or truck and trailer. It’s important that you learn the current market value of your equipment to fully protect your investment. Although there is not an exact science, knowing the actual cash value of any piece of equipment is necessary when obtaining physical damage coverage. And keep in mind that values change from year to year due to different factors.

As an example we see often, an owner believes their truck’s value is $40,000.00. Yet, the actual cash value of that truck in their geographic area shows it can be bought or has been sold for much less.

We also offer Bailee Insurance for those who are responsible for equipment they don’t personally own.

How Much Will Physical Damage and Collision Insurance Cost?

Premiums will vary according to the perils you insure against, the current market value of your rig, your driving record, and the amount of your deductible, typically $1,000 per incident.

House Trucking Insurance can help you juggle those variables to tailor the plan you need to protect your investment without emptying your wallet. Call us today for a free no-obligation truck insurance quote.