High fuel costs and Primary Liability Insurance; there are some things you just can’t get around. Your Primary Liability Insurance coverage will be the most expensive portion of your insurance package, and the opportunity to save the most money by working with the experienced professionals at House Trucking Insurance.

Who Needs Primary Liability Insurance?

  • Owner-operators
  • Fleet Operations

Owner-operators and all fleet operators are required to purchase primary liability insurance by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and all state regulators. Proof of coverage must be provided to obtain your authority. If you are a leased owner-operator, your primary liability is most likely provided by the fleet operator.

What Does Primary Liability Insurance Cover?

Primary liability insurance provides protection against the medical expenses and property damage incurred by other by you as a result of an accident involving your truck(s) during the course of business operations.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

A minimum of $750,000 coverage is required by federal and state regulators, but many shippers and brokers now require $1,000,000 in coverage or more.

How Much Will Primary Liability Insurance Cost?

Primary liability insurance is usually priced out and sold on an active truck basis, which means that trucks that are on the road, burning diesel, and making money are insured, and you’re not paying for coverage you don’t need when trucks are sitting at home; however, if the truck is owned and/or registered, you still need to insure it. That’s simple enough with just a few trucks to keep track of, but for larger operations with multiple truck changes throughout the year, subcontractors and leased operators, extreme diligence and a knowledgeable, experienced, readily available insurance partner is required to ensure that no truck leaves the barn without coverage opening you up to financial liability and stiff regulatory fines.

House Trucking Insurance can also write policies that cover all trucks at all times: owned, leased, subcontracted. Based on annual revenue or mileage, these policies offer the opportunity for substantial savings when crafted property to provide the most coverage for the least cost.

Whether you need a new authority fast, or you’re looking for an opportunity to save thousands on your fleet policy, contact House Trucking Insurance today for a trucking insurance quote.