Here’s our best advice when it comes to protecting yourself against financial loss incurred by passengers, guests, or any non-employees in one of your trucks. Are you ready?

Don’t Allow Passengers, Guests, Or Any Non Employees In Your Trucks. Ever!

But it happens, right? We all know it does. You can write it in the employee manuals, make your drivers agree to it in their contracts, put no-passenger stickers on every door window. But it’s going to happen.

A child is going to convince dad to take him for a ride in his big truck; One of your drivers is going to decide that six days on the road without their beloved spouse is six days too long; One night your most beloved, kind-hearted driver is going to see a family of six stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain, no less, and up in the cab they go.

The minute you or your driver tries to help them solve their problem, they become your problem, your financial responsibility, your massive liability.

Truck Passenger Insurance covers your obligations for medical expenses, accidental death, or dismemberment to guests, and non-employee passengers in your commercial vehicle, but at a limited amount. So, think twice before taking your kids, significant other, or any non-employee for a ride across town.

Some insurance companies even include certain amount of coverage for pets. If the thought of leaving fluffy at home concerns you, inquire about medical expense for your pet.

House Trucking Insurance can help with a comprehensive review of your policy to identify any gaps in coverage and assemble the portfolio of policies that provide the greatest protection for the lowest cost.

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