Trucking and warehouse work are consistently ranked as some of the most dangerous jobs in America. Your people are putting their lives at risk every time they step behind the wheel, pick up a wrench, or open the dock door. That means your business, your livelihood, and your legacy are on the line too.

Workers Compensation Insurance protects you and your team against devastating medical debt, crippling loss of income, and unbearable long-term care expenses caused by an accident or injury on the job.

It isn’t just the right thing to do; It’s the law.

Contract Drivers

Just because you give someone a 1099 at the end of the year instead of a W-2 doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Basically, if you tell them when to pick up a load, where to pick up a load, and when and where to drop it off, they’re an employee. If things go south, you’re the one who is responsible. For the hospital bills. For the loss of income. For the loss of life in the worst-case scenario. One uncovered employee could cost you everything.

Owner Operators

If they’re driving your rig, the buck stops with you. That’s black & white. But there are a lot of gray areas, and thanks to Uber, Lyft, and the whole gig economy, the laws and regulations are in quite a bit of flux. What if they’re leasing the rig from you? What if they are owner-operators who only drive for you? And what if you’re the owner-operator and you need to protect yourself?